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Join us as we color the map red.

RED = Where we’ve been.

BLUE = Where we are.
In case you can’t find us, we are currently in Guatemala, Central America.
(Updated March 13, 2019).

From the blog:

Exploring Flores, Guatemala, The Gateway to Tikal [Travelogue #9]

We just left magical Flores, Guatemala and are now in our lovely Airbnb in the historic center of Guatemala City. Our first impressions of our neighborhood were fantastic. It is lively, interesting and there is plenty to keep us busy. We went out to lunch and to the market so we could head home and […]

Cayes, Caves, and The Caribbean – Oh, My [Travelogue #8]

In case you missed the memo, we left Belize and are now holed up in the quaint and charismatic town of Flores, Guatemala – at least for the week. Then we move on to Guatemala City for the next month. We had such a wonderful time in Belize, especially once we moved out of Belize […]

Paradise Found, Left and Found Again in Belize [Travelogue #7]

Placencia is a paradise. Even though we don’t love to move around too much when we visit a country, moving from Belize City to Placencia was the absolute best decision. We love it here. It’s the perfect mix of a laidback atmosphere and amenities (bars, restaurants, and coffee places). It’s been called the only island […]

Ditching Belize City for the Beach [Travelogue #6]

Belize is great and Belizeans are incredible. But Belize City is not great and not all the people in Belize City are incredible. Last week we were nomading about … We have been Nomading About Belize City for a week. That’s a long time in a city this small. Belize City has only 70,000 people […]

You Better Belize It – We’re Nomading About Belize [Travelogue #5]

This week we were in both Mexico and Belize. What a difference in environments! We went from a city 22 million people at 2,250 meters (7,400 feet) to a city of 60,000 at or below sea level. We thought Mexicans were nice people (and they are) but Belizean’s are over the top. Almost everyone you […]

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