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Nomading About Descanso California

We survived our first week back in the United States (San Diego, California). We are housesitting for my mother in a beautiful and isolated small town outside of San Diego.

Mom’s house is situated facing a riverine oak forest backed by national forest land. It’s fresh, quiet, and full of birds, flowers, and small wildlife such as:





Wild turkey.

It also home to rattlesnakes, which are common around the property, and mountain lions crossing the grassy highlands or sleeping in the oak trees. My mother says she does not step outside without looking down and does not turn her back to the forest.

Nomading About Southern California

The rain has filled the fields with poppies and turned the mountains several shades of green. It is beautiful to look at.

I was working outside yesterday and heard a red-tailed hawk fly overhead. He was not close but I heard the whoosh of his wings as he flew by.

And while we are surrounded by beauty, we can’t help but wish we were still shopping at local vegetable vendors in Guatemala.

We went grocery shopping and were shocked at the price of produce. We could eat for a whole week on what the ingredients for one meal cost.

We were prepared to be shocked, but we were shocked at how shocked we were.


This last week we were nomading about our computers as we attempt to catch up on our video production – attempt being the keyword. We are trying, we really are. 🙂

We did get down to downtown San Diego and hiked the Seven Bridges urban hike through:

  • Balboa Park
  • Hillcrest
  • University Heights

The hike took us over the iconic Cabrillo Bridge, the charming Spruce Street Bridge and suspension bridge that sways as you walk across it.

Don’t let Kim’s face in the picture above fool you, her fear of heights got her on this one and she was not a fan of the movement. She also happens to be holding on tight.

What an incredible city San Diego is!

The hike began in the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden and it was stunning and in full bloom.

Another city we could live in with its ideal weather, easy-going lifestyle and happy people – if only tomatoes didn’t cost $7.00.


This week we will be nomading about Goat Canyon Trestle which is the largest wooden trestle bridge in the world and not far from mom’s house. Apparently, we have a thing for bridges right now.

Hopefully, we’ll be less shocked next week when I write. And hopefully, we’ll stop enjoying the quiet and be a little more productive in our video editing process. Wish us luck!

Until next week, adventure on! ~ Way (and Kim)


Street food in Mexico City is some of our favorite food. Kim says “I love Mexico” more than once after trying visiting several street food vendors – all within a few blocks of our Airbnb. There is plenty of fine dining in Mexico City, but you can’t truly say you’ve experienced the local cuisine until you sample the street food. In fact, we mostly ate street food during our three weeks in CDMX.



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