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Belize is great and Belizeans are incredible. But Belize City is not great and not all the people in Belize City are incredible.

Last week we were nomading about …

We have been Nomading About Belize City for a week. That’s a long time in a city this small.

Belize City has only 70,000 people and the downtown is really just a couple of streets. You only need an afternoon to take in Belize City and that would include coffee, shopping, lunch, and a walk along the sea.

There are only a few homeless people here but because the area is so small and they are not shy, it seems like there are more. We did find a great bar/restaurant right on the river where it meets the sea, Spoonaz Photo Cafe and Bar ( ).

The Swing Bridge is also worth a walkover. It is the oldest swing bridge in Central America and one of the few manually operated swing bridges in the world still in use – although, it isn’t used regularly anymore. It was constructed in Liverpool, England and installed in Belize City in 1923.

We spent a fun afternoon at the Belize City Street Art Fair. It was a well-attended and lively combination of art, music, fashion shows, crafts, food, drinks, and Mayan Ball Games.

Our wonderful Airbnb hosts also own a theater company and invited us to a showing of “Belize Rewind” at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in the heart of downtown. It was an entertaining show about the history of Belize. We had fun and learned a lot of interesting Belizean history. They also took us to Old Belize which is a museum and private beach tourist area.

Belizean food is good. A mix of Spanish and Caribbean. The best dishes we’ve has so far is rice, beans, chicken, and salad. It is pronounced as one word, ‘ricebeanschickenandsalad’.  We can’t get enough of it. The Jamaican pockets are good, too. However, we recommend avoiding Belizean tamales. The flavor is unexpected if you are familiar with Mexican tamales.

As we mentioned in the previous post, our Airbnb was ‘not all that we expected’. So we decided to change locations and asked for a refund. We changed our plans and flew to Placencia on Sunday. Our Airbnb hosts were so nice they gave us a ride to the airport!

The flight to Placencia was on a single propeller plane which flew low and slow over the Belizean countryside and coast. Much of Belize is still undisturbed forest and it was wonderful to see miles and miles of coast backed by thick rainforest.

Our new Airbnb is great as are our Belgian hosts. Placencia is a narrow peninsula with perfect sea breezes and beautiful Caribbean waters.

This time of year it’s ideal to work outside and walk in the evening. It’s a bit touristy for our liking, but after Belize City, it’s just what we are looking for. A narrow ‘sidewalk’ runs down the middle of the southern tip of the peninsula with abundant bars, restaurants, shops, hostels and hotels, and assorted establishments on either side.

This week we’re nomading about …

We’ll be nomading about Placencia on bikes and boating into the rainforest on Monkey River.

Before our next travelogue, we’ll relocate once again to Caye Caulker where we will welcome our youngest son. He’ll get to brag to all his friends that he spent spring break in Belize. We’ve felt like we have been on an island for a few weeks, so it will nice to finally be on one. 

Our latest video

For some reason, I had the hardest time getting our video of Sedona finished. And because of that, we only have one video to share. I promise we have every intention of loading three-ish videos a week. But something always seems to stand in my way. I am on a mission, though, so hopefully, we’ll have more than one to share next week.

Until then, adventure on!

Way (and Kim)


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