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Easy Travel Speak is designed to get you speaking another language quickly and confidently and in a way that people understand you.

What that means is you won’t be fluent or even speak grammatically correct sentences. Instead, you will speak in a way that will make your travels easier, more fun, and full of wonderful memories.

Trust me, you CAN do it.

Start by learning how to use the Building Block Method to enhance your language learning. It’s Free!

You will be taken to our course platform for a free Easy Travel Speak introductory lesson. 

It’s possible to speak a new language before your next trip …
even if you’re “terrible” at learning languages.

Walking About Mexico City:
Souvenir Shopping Tour


Mexico City is one of our favorite cities. It is bustling and vibrant and there is so much to see and do. Our self-guided souvenir shopping tour will take you to some of the places we bought souvenirs and we'll even highlight seven things you shouldn't leave Mexico City without.


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