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Overlooking Cathedral of San José (Antigua Guatemala Cathedral).

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So, maybe that’s a bit dramatic.

Guatemala City is beautiful, historic, friendly, safe, all the things you want in a destination and it should be on your list. But for us, it has not been as smooth a stay as usual.

Kim has not been feeling 100% after that first day of food poisoning, and I’ve had an ear problem all week.

We did make the trek to Antiqua Guatemala (Yes, that is its official name) at the end of the week and that change changed things. Kim is feeling better and I can hear much better.

Antigua marks the end of Guatemala for us and we will travel to the U.S. next Saturday.


Last week we were nomading about the Plaza de la Constitution (the main square) again and it was hot.

The sunshine was in our bones and our moods were cranky. At lower elevations, the sun has to fight to penetrate layers upon layers of air, each layer more thick than the preceding one.

In Guatemala City high in the mountains, the air is sparse and the sun shoots right through. It a searing different between shade and sun. The air is crispy hot.

(Editor’s aka Kim’s note: Can you tell who has been working on his creative writing?)

We filmed the Story of Guatemala City (it’s a story of destruction and rebirth) and we ran for shade at every opportunity.

What the air lacked in density the people made up for. The square and surrounding streets were layered thick with people celebrating the 5th week of the Lenten season.

The streets were layered with colorful sawdust in endless designs and 100 men, or little girls, carried massive platforms on their shoulders festooned with a diorama of some biblical scene over the sawdust creations.

But first came boys riding horses dressed as Roman soldiers and priests filling the air with burning thuribles. After everyone came, men armed with brooms festooned in City uniforms sweeping away the sawdust.

We didn’t travel to Guatemala for the food

The square was covered with food booths. All the corn people got together and formed a corn stronghold. The meat people formed their meat territory and the sweets people formed their place too.

We ate corn and we ate meat and we ate sweets and we wished we had eaten none of it. Our tastebuds were bored while we ate. And our stomachs rebelled through with massive rumblings after the fact. Guatemala is not a place of food.

But that did not stop us! Oh no.

The next day we were at Al Adobe a fine restaurant with not so fine chile rellenos. But the Kak’ ik! This was the best kak’ ik we have had – anywhere in the world.

In fact, it was the only kak ‘ik we had ever eaten anywhere in the world, but it was very good nonetheless. Kak’ ik is a fine soup with many spices we cannot discern. Our tastebuds were no longer bored.

With our tastebuds excited and our stomachs no longer protesting we confidently sat at Doblado. Dobaldo was no random place, it came with two recommendations, the Airbnb owner and my waiter. But it disappointed.

Dobaldo’s are thick fried tortilla shells built of old oil and stale corn and stuffed with greasy meat. The meat was good but not good enough to get through the layers of old corn and stale oil. Our stomachs rebelled again.

We also decided to start filming “Chinese Food In Every Country.” It will be a while before this video gets complete, but we thought it would be fun to compare between countries. Guatemala was our first country. The experiment did not start well.

On our last day in Guatemala City, it seemed fitting to witness the flag lowering ceremony, see it in #dailyvlog 17.

Our week ended with our journey to Antigua. What a city!


This week we will be nomading about Antigua.

A view of Antigua Guatemala from Cerro de la Cruz.

We have big plans for our last week before returning home. The agenda includes:

  • Climbing volcanoes
  • Touring the city
  • Eating snack foods
  • Watching Lenten processions
  • Exploring ruins

If you want to know what daily life is like nomading about Antigua checkout our Facebook Page. You can type “Nomading About #dailyvlog” in the FB search bar and our videos will pop up.

Until next week, adventure on! ~Way (and Kim)

P.S. We know we’ve been slow to edit videos lately. We don’t want to be slow, but working, exploring, and sleeping is getting in the way. Our plan is to edit and post like crazy when we get back to the States next week. We’re hoping the need to explore will be a little less urgent.

Our Latest Video

In our latest video, we went in search of Street Art in Mexico City. Mexico City street art is colorful, vibrant and all around. The street art is thought-provoking and creative and it is hard to spend time in the historic center without it making an impression on you.

This is just a small taste of some of the images that caused us to pause and enjoy the moment. Street art has a way of making you feel good. We hope you enjoy!


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