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A life filled with travel has long been a dream. Not that we haven’t had a life full of travel and adventures, because we have. Some fo them separately, others together. It just seems the more we travel, the more we want to travel.

Some people would call us digital nomads. And that is a true description. But I think of digital nomads as cool, young hipsters that look good in week-old clothing and rolling out of a hostel. That is definitely not us.

We are just two middle-aged travelers (or as Way likes to remind me, well-seasoned) wanting to learn about new cultures, experience local life and hopefully meet some new friends along the way. Way and I want to experience local culture, not just pop in for a visit to check a country off the list.

Many people asked how they could support our work. We discussed several ideas and debated for a LONG time about what asking for support would look like.

It is crazy to think that by making our dream of traveling the world come true, we would make other people so happy. We absolutely love the community that sprouted up as a result of this journey.

To be honest, there is not a whole lot we can offer you in way of thanks for your support. Just know that we are grateful.

Adventure on, ~Way and Kim

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The best way to support our YouTube channel is through Patreon. It allows to sign up for a monthly contribution in return for some perks, including:

  • Private Facebook Group ($5/mo)
  • Digitally created postcard to your mailbox + Private Facebook Group ($9/mo)
  • Handwritten, locally mail postcard each month + Digitally created postcard to your mailbox + Private Facebook Group + ($15/mo)

You can read more about the perks of each support level at

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If you’re new to Airbnb, you should try it the next time you head out of town!

You’ll enjoy great accommodations and save money! Click here and you’ll get $40 off your first stay, Once you stay, we’ll receive credit towards our next Airbnb purchase. WIN WIN!

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Travel with Wifi

One of the things we can’t live without is our backup wifi. The Internet is important for us to do your work, and trust us that not all internet is created equal.

Skyroam has come to rescue several times. It evens allows us to forgo getting a sim card or using a more expensive international plan. If you are traveling and want the ease of knowing you’ll always be connected, click here.

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Find Your Next Tour

Most of the time we fumble our way through local transportation to get to where we are going. But every now and then, we arrange a tour – and we do that through Viator. For instance, we did a tour for the Great Wall of China and the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

Sometimes, it is just easier to have someone else do all the leg work. If you enjoy are a good tour when traveling, click here before you buy.

You’ll get an amazing experience and we’ll get credit towards our next one. We recommend reading the reviews before purchasing because just like the internet, not all tours are created equal.

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Find Your Next Adventure

Another favorite place to find unique adventures is Urban Adventures. I explored the Maya underground in cenote while in Playa del Carmen and it was one of the most breathtaking experiences. Want more adventure during your trip? Click here.

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Walking About Mexico City:
Souvenir Shopping Tour


Mexico City is one of our favorite cities. It is bustling and vibrant and there is so much to see and do. Our self-guided souvenir shopping tour will take you to some of the places we bought souvenirs and we'll even highlight seven things you shouldn't leave Mexico City without.


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