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We wrapped up our time in Las Vegas after making sure our boy is ready to conquer the world. It was difficult leaving our boy in Las Vegas, it’s always bittersweet when kids grow up and become independent.

To help ease the pain we flew to the land of tacos (tacos cure everything, right?) and landed in Mexico City.

We have been traveling for nearly one year and we are still learning how to pack our bags. Our goal this trip was to reduce our stuff to one 50-pound (or less) suitcase and a small day pack (carry-on). We both did it!

It feels freeing and we are living light as a feather. We can quickly travel to anywhere in the world (that it is not cold) without all the stuff holding us down. And we are not suffering for lack of anything. At some point, we will inventory what we carry and how we live without all the stuff.

But first things first …

This week we’re nomading about …

Mexico City.

The first two days in Mexico City have stunned us. It reminds us both of Italy in many ways: the architecture, every corner you turn is another breathtaking cathedral, world-class museums, excellent food, lively streets, and a no-rush vibe to living.

I (Way) have always wanted to see The Zocalo. I studied pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures in my undergrad years and to be walking through the once Aztec capital was a bucket list item.

Kim does not think 3 weeks will be enough (I agree). We’ve only wandered around our apartment and we probably have 3 weeks worth of things to do within a few blocks of where we are staying – Centro Historico. It seems a lack of planning paid off this time.

Now that we’re acclimated both work and living wise, we will start exploring more and making some more videos.

Next week we’re nomading about …

Mexico City.

We hope to get to Teotihuacan next week which will be another world highlight for me. Additionally, we plan to visit Frida Kahlo’s House, the Zocalo, and the Island of the Dolls.

Also, we will be deciding which country to go. Now that children aren’t involved, we should be able to plan a little further ahead.

We don’t know where it will be other than in Central or South America. The mixture of distance, desire, and airfare will be the deciding combination. Initially, we were going to go to Cuba, but we heard the internet isn’t the greatest and we can’t afford to take a chance because of work.

Our latest videos

We posted two more videos this week: “Scootering About Sanya” and “Big Buddha.”

And that’s about it for this week. Have any good Mexico City recommendations? Drop them in the comments.

Until next week … Dare to explore and adventure on!


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