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Since our published videos lag behind where we are and what we are doing, we thought we would keep you up to date on what’s going on with us closer to real time. Welcome to our first Tuesday Travelogue.

We are going to try and write weekly and publish weekly on Tuesdays. I say try, because well … life and travel happen.

This week are nomading about …

Las Vegas, Nevada

This week we are helping our son move into his first grown-up apartment.

While here, we decided NOT to do the usual Vegas things such as casinos, strip bars, and all night partying. Instead, we’re going to museums, dive bars, and even plan some hiking.

And, yes, we did do a little of the typical Vegas scene, the Strip and Downtown on Freemont Street (where I [Way] flew on the “Superman” zip line), but we’ve not gambled, been to a show, and Kim successfully kept me out of the strip clubs, too.

Another thing on our agenda is trying out all of our friend recommended food places. I’m not sure we will get to them all, but we will attempt as many as we can.

There are some absolutely fun museums here in Las Vegas.

So far, we were able to make it to:

  • Mob Museum
  • Neon Museum
  • National Atomic Testing Museum
  • Pinball Hall of Fame

The Neon Museum is the place to go to see the old Vegas signs. It brought back great memories of coming here with my parents years ago.

The Mob Museum is certainly interesting. We all know that Las Vegas was where the mob operated and made huge amounts of money, but you will be surprised who all had a hand in working with the mob to make Las Vegas successful. Many of those companies are still operating and I had no idea about their shady past.

The Atomic Testing Museum is interesting, scary, and sad. Almost 1,000 nuclear bombs were detonated at the Nevada test site and a lot of people were affected.

The Pinball Hall of Fame was just fun. It’s a building full of vintage pinball and some classic video games. Kim was here with B last year and they spent hours playing pinball.

Next week we’re nomading about …

Las Vegas and Mexico City.

We will be finishing moving our boy into his apartment, making some more videos, eating more good food, and getting ready to head to the fun side of the border. We made our travel plans last minute (not knowing when we would be released from parent duty), so we don’t have a good plan once we get to Mexico City – except to eat tacos.

Our latest videos

If you have not had a chance to see the videos posted this week they include “Sauntering Around Shanghai” (one of the greatest cities in the world), and “We Got Scammed at the Terra-cotta Warriors.” Despite getting taken for few hundred Yuan, the Terra-cotta Warriors were wondrous.

A special thank you to those of you that are in the Postcard Club, your cards have been mailed! Since it is coming from the US this month, we made sure to throw in some sparkles. It means the world that you support our work.

Until next week … Dare to explore and adventure on!


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