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This week we were in both Mexico and Belize. What a difference in environments!

We went from a city 22 million people at 2,250 meters (7,400 feet) to a city of 60,000 at or below sea level. We thought Mexicans were nice people (and they are) but Belizean’s are over the top.

Almost everyone you pass says hello and they are not trying to sell something or ask for money, they are just nice.

Last week we were nomading about …

We have been Nomading About the world famous Museo Anthropologic in Mexico City as well as eating and videoing street food and street art (not eating the art). We also spent time in, what seems like, the endless markets near our apartment.

These are primarily wholesale markets but some vendors will sell individual items. Kim picked up a nice dress and some pants for $3 and $4USD! Our entrepreneurial spirit had us trying to figure out how to capitalize on the inexpensive goods – but we stopped ourselves.

We also took a short trip to Coyoacan, the bohemian/hippy/intellectual center of Mexico. This is where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived as well as Leon Trotsky while he was in exile. The line was too long for us to see the Frida Kahlo museum (Kim was very bummed) and Trotsky’s house was closed when we arrived.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day after a day of exploring Coyoacan.

But, we explored beautiful parks and interesting markets. For our last day in Mexico, we did our snack video. I won’t give too much away, but it was more appealing than our China experience (Mostly – Kim says.)

The week ended with the flight to Belize City and exploring our new neighborhood. Landing in Belize was an adventure. The landing was fine, but the U-turn on the runway was a surprise. You read that right, our plane flipped a U-ey right on the runway.

You see, there is no taxiway at the Belize airport. And a plane was on approach, so our plane did a quick U-turn and sped up to the point where it felt like we were taking off again to get off the runway so the next plane could land. Let’s just say our stay so far in Belize has been equally unexpected.

Our Airbnb hosts are amazing. Out Airbnb not so much. But our hosts are making things right.

They took us on a tour of Belize City on Saturday when we arrived and had workers to the house to fix what needed fixing pronto. They are taking us to a beach about 15 minutes out of town in a few days and even made sure we were well-stocked with coffee.

I told you people were super nice in Belize!

This week we’re nomading about …

Unbelizeably, we’re nomading about Belize. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Belize has a lot of catchphrases like that – You Better Belize It!

For reals, though, we will be nomading about the Cayes, videoing the city, going to Old Belize, and driving into Guatemala to see Tikal. Or at least that’s the plan.

Our latest videos (or video in this case)



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