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Maybe Someday I’ll Get to Call Cardezza Home

Through a very narrow tunnel (very, very narrow) and up a windy little road into the mountains above Domodossola, in Northern Italy, lies a little village called Cardezza. Cardezza is the birthplace of my grandfather. It is also the birthplace of the family...

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Back in the USA and Sticker Shock Sets In

We survived our first week back in the United States (San Diego, California). We are housesitting for my mother in a beautiful and isolated small town outside of San Diego. Mom’s house is situated facing a riverine oak forest backed by national forest land. It’s...

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Sadly, The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To Guatemala

Our 13th travelogue marks our last week in Antigua. And our last week in Guatemala. And also our last week in Central America. But what a week it was! A week full of coffee, chocolate, Jacon, Lenten processions, and lava rocks. WE SPENT TIME NOMADING ABOUT … This past...

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Goodbye Guatemala City; Hello Antigua Guatemala

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. So, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. Guatemala City is beautiful, historic, friendly, safe, all the things you want in a destination and it should be on your list. But for us, it has not been as smooth a stay as usual....

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Cayes, Caves, and The Caribbean – Oh, My [Travelogue #8]

In case you missed the memo, we left Belize and are now holed up in the quaint and charismatic town of Flores, Guatemala - at least for the week. Then we move on to Guatemala City for the next month. We had such a wonderful time in Belize, especially once we moved out...

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Ditching Belize City for the Beach [Travelogue #6]

Belize is great and Belizeans are incredible. But Belize City is not great and not all the people in Belize City are incredible. Last week we were nomading about ... We have been Nomading About Belize City for a week. That’s a long time in a city this small. Belize...

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Walking About Mexico City:
Souvenir Shopping Tour


Mexico City is one of our favorite cities. It is bustling and vibrant and there is so much to see and do. Our self-guided souvenir shopping tour will take you to some of the places we bought souvenirs and we'll even highlight seven things you shouldn't leave Mexico City without.


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