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Placencia is a paradise. Even though we don’t love to move around too much when we visit a country, moving from Belize City to Placencia was the absolute best decision. We love it here.

It’s the perfect mix of a laidback atmosphere and amenities (bars, restaurants, and coffee places).

It’s been called the only island you can drive to because Placencia is all about island life. It has the look of an island (surrounded by water) and the feel of an island, but it’s actually a peninsula.


We’ve been nomading about Placencia, cycling the peninsula, walking and drinking along the main street and exploring the rainforest up Monkey River.

We rented bikes to tour the peninsula including the airport where the runway starts at Placencia Lagoon and ends at the Caribbean Sea. Gates close the highway and stop traffic when planes land and takeoff – you know … just in case.

We walk the length of Main Street, which the Guinness Book of World Records says the narrowest main street in the world. Bikes are not even allowed on it. It’s not just bars and souvenir shops for tourists, people live here, there’s even an elementary school.

We also took a night to try the favorite bars along Main Street. Although we did not make it far because we settled into Aphrodites and never seemed to leave.

We took a boat across the lagoon and through the mangrove forest, where we saw manatees, and then over to Monkey River Village and up Monkey River where we ran into crocodiles, howler monkeys, and other wildlife.

We ended the week on a small plane from Placencia to Belize City, a water taxi to Caye Caulker, and a golf cart to our Airbnb. Our first sunset at Caye Caulker was on a pier with cocktails with stingrays, sharks, and other fish swimming beneath us in crystal clear waters.

I won’t lie, we hated leaving Placencia, but then when landed in Caye Caulker and we found what may be the ultimate paradise. We’ll report back next week.


We will be Nomading About Caye Caulker in the coming week. Our youngest son joins us for spring break!

The one cool thing about being traveling parents is your children might choose to ditch their friends and come visit you instead. We are certainly excited our boy chose us because that NEVER happens. Granted we did have to dangle the turquoise waters of Belize and the second largest barrier reef in front of him.

We are looking forward to some SCUBA diving (Carter, that is – Kim will snorkel, and I will watch), river cave tubing, and jungle trekking to Mayan ruins. But mostly, we are looking forward to living on island time!

Our latest on YouTube

We posted two videos this week. While we are getting closer to our goal, we are still way behind our desire to post three videos per week. The nature of hanging out on islands in the Caribbean may have something to do with that.

Anyway, we take you with us on a road trip between Flagstaff and Las Vegas and we visit some pretty awesome Las Vegas dive bars that take you back in time from the moment you enter.

We drive through Williams and Seligman with stops at the Colorado River Overlook and the Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge overlooking the Hoover Dam.

The journey was made even more fun because our oldest boy was with us. He was ever so slightly annoyed that we made a point of stopping every few minutes to film something. Also, there is documented proof that Kim chews gum like a cow. Want to see for yourself? Click here.

Also, we started adding some bloopers to the end of our videos. Trust me, there are plenty to choose from.

That’s about it for today. See you back here next week.

Until then, adventure on.

Way (and Kim)

P.S. You can support our efforts by watching. Please and thank you!


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