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Nomading About Dateland AZ

Dateland, AZ – Home of the world famous date shake.

Hey there, it’s Kim writing to you today instead of Way. There’s a reason for it and I’ll explain a little later, but for now you are stuck with me.

You may have noticed that Way and I have been a little quiet over the last few weeks. We’ve been quite busy and we took the time to figure out what has been working and what hasn’t on our nomading about journey.

First of all, we spent time moving our youngest boy from dorm room to his own apartment. I knew it was coming, but I am not emotionally on board with this at all. Secondly, what kid would give up a summer in Europe to spend the time in triple digits and working? My kid, that’s who.

We have also spent time planning the next leg of our adventure – yay! Europe, here we come and our first stop is Italy, Stresa to be exact – of course! Now, many of you know I have family there, but we are excited that my mother will also be there at the same time.

Nomading About Italy

Summer 2018 – Macugnaga, Italy

Here’s a little secret, Way and I are thinking of making Italy our home base.

We’ve been without a home base for nearly 18 months and Italy seems like the perfect location. It’s centrally located to make traveling to many countries easier and not to mention … IT IS ITALY!

After a month in Italy, we are thinking of heading to France to see the lavender fields in full bloom. As always, though, nothing is final until tickets are purchased.

That leads me to what we have been up to and what you can expect from us going forward.

Returning: Postcards From Around the World

Mailing postcards from around the world.

Way mailing postcards from the main post office in Belize.

Last fall, we introduced the idea of sending postcards to your mailbox from every country we visit. We had a simple sign up on our website and it turned out to be quite popular.

Then we moved the offer to Patreon, a site designed for creatives, and we lost almost all of our original pen pals.

We joined Patreon because we were told it was the thing to do. It seems it was not the thing to do for us.

After we moved over, we thought people lost interest or didn’t think the personalized postcards had any value. So we decided to end the program.

Then we started to hear from many of our early pen pals. Either they thought they re-signed up or didn’t know they were supposed to. And people definitely were interested.

So they’re baaaaaccccckkkk. If you want a handwritten-personalized postcard from a different country every month, click here to learn how you join our pen pal list.

We’re mailing the next postcard from Italy!

I can already imagine us sitting alongside Lago Maggiore sipping some vino roso writing you a sweet note. To be honest, this is one of our very favorite things to do, so thank you for asking us to continue.

Beginning: Nomading About Weekly

Because Way and I have full-time jobs, editing our videos in a timely fashion seems to be next to impossible. We try. We really do, but somehow we always seem to fail.

While we were in Guatemala, we realized we needed to post something daily so people could keep track of where we are in real time.

We decided to do a daily vlog. They seemed to be very popular but we found it a bit of a challenge to keep up.

Not that interesting stuff didn’t occur every day, but remembering to video, edit and upload it every day was a challenge and often occurred late at night when all we wanted to do was sleep.

We still want to create something in real time, so we are going to start creating a weekly show specifically designed for our Facebook followers.

Look for weekly episodes beginning Saturday, June 8. Our hope is to occasionally jump on and do a live show from various locations. Nomading About Weekly (or some other cool name we come up with before we begin) will only be found on Facebook, so make sure you like our page and have notifications turned on.

Nomading About Weekly will replace this weekly Travelogue. The travelogue will now be sent out via email. So if you want to see us in your inbox every week, sign up.

Introducing: Walking About

Mexico City Walking Tour

A few months ago, a friend asked us for a list of things we did while we were in Mexico City. We went to work providing her a must-see list.

In our discussions, she thought how helpful it would be to just have a self-guided tour she could follow at her leisure. Of course, the entrepreneurial light bulb went off for Way and me.

As you know by now, Way and I are big walkers. We truly believe the best way to see the real city or town is on foot and not as part of a group.

Tours have their benefits, of course, but you aren’t free to get lost, duck into a shop that interests you or stop for happy hour on a whim.

We do a lot of research to put together the walking tours we use as a guide for our videos. Luckily we saved it all because we are going to start putting together a series of self-guided walking tours in the cities we stay in. And we are going back to some of the tours in the cities we already visited – including Mexico City.

In fact, we created a FREE walking tour as a test. Walking About: Mexico City Souvenir Shopping Walking Tour is available for download if you are interested.

We’ll be releasing the full Mexico City series soon. It includes five walking tours:

  • Historic Center Walking Tour
  • Chapultepec Park Walking Tour
  • Zona Rosa Walking Tour
  • Coyocan Walking Tour
  • Religious Buildings Walking Tour

Going forward, we look forward to adding a multi-media component to the tours. That way if you aren’t able to travel to Mexico City to walk your tour, you can virtually join us on ours.

Coming Soon: Travel Speak

And finally, back to the reason why Way isn’t writing this week’s travelogue. Way is busy creating a course to help you speak a language in four weeks – at least well enough to get around a country.

I have always been amazed that he can go to a country and communicate well enough to get around. And he does it in just a few shorts weeks.

I thought he was just good at languages and that I sucked.

He developed this system that is based on neuroscience and experience teaching internationally. So, I asked him to start helping me learn Italian.

I AM SO IMPRESSED. And let me tell you, as someone who was afraid to speak for fear of sounding foolish, this system is amazing and effective. And it works.

It should be ready for prime time in a few weeks. Interested? Fill in the form below to get notified when we go live.

Of course, I’m not in Italy yet so I’ll report back on the reality once I get there, but I have high hopes.

And Finally …

As you can see, we may have been quiet, but we have been busy. Of course, our goal of getting caught up on videos ended up being a pipe dream. One day, maybe.

Well, that is about all for now. We’ll see you in a few weeks from Italy! We can’t wait.

Until then, go explore – There’s a great big, beautiful world out there.

Kim (and Way)

P.S. There is a lot in this update, so here’s a recap.

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