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Must Have Work While Traveling Accessories

Way and I have been living on the road for just under a year. It didn’t take us long to figure out the things that would make our new adventurous life a little less adventurous.

Here are some of the things I have come to love and refuse to live without – whether I am traveling or not. It certainly makes my work and travel life a bit easier.

My Favorite Things That Make Working While Traveling Easier

As a writer, I have deadlines to meet. Lack of internet, access to the sites I need for research are not sufficient reasons to miss a deadline. Too much of that, I may lose the gig I worked so hard to get.

With that said, I never leave home without a global hotspot, a reliable VPN and accessories that help me set up a comfortable workspace.

Skyroam Solis Global Wifi Hotspot

Getting online to submit my articles is crucial. And while I always shop for Airbnbs with reliable internet, you can’t always take everything at face value. My backup plan is Skyroam Solis Global Wifi Hotspot.

Its 4G LTE internet is decent and up to five devices can use the wifi at the same time, which is important when we are with the kids. It works in more than 120 countries and doubles as a power bank for your devices.

Because I can communicate with most people via Facebook, What’s App, and Email, I used Skyroam instead of a SIM card when spending two months in China. I didn’t need it in the places I stayed, but when out touring, it came in very handy. It also kept me company during long layovers in airports.

We went ahead and bought our unit for $149.99 because we will use it often. It is also available to rent for $11.90 a day if you only need it for a limited time. Once you have the unit, 24-hour day passes cost $9 or a full month costs $99. I don’t always need the service, but when I do, I am glad its there. All I can say is Skyroam has saved my behind more than once over the last ten months.

Express VPN

Many people use a VPN for security reasons. I like the idea of surfing the internet without being tracked. However, the real reason I need a VPN is that I write for the gaming industry.

I found out very early on while in Italy that I could not access the majority of my research sites because of the content. Then I had trouble getting onto US sites because of the GDPR rules. Thankfully, I had my account with Express VPN set up.

It wasn’t until I spent two months in China, though, that Express VPN earned its keep. With the control of information under an iron hand and the fact that Google and Facebook are prohibited, Express VPN was constantly turned on.

The reality is you don’t know what you can’t access until you can’t access it. I never leave home without a VPN, and Express VPN is inexpensive and super easy to use.

Wifi Extender

Sometimes there is decent wifi and sometimes there isn’t. In Italy, we had great wifi in the living room, but not great wifi in the bedrooms. A wifi extender solves that problem.

A wifi extender is simply that – a little bit of goodness that helps you access wifi from further away. And that’s whether you need better access in the place you’re staying or in your favorite local coffee shop. I travel with the TP-Link N300 WiFi Range Extender with External Antennas and Compact Design. It costs $17.99 and has over 10,000 reviews.

Universal Travel Adaptor

I started carrying a travel adapter AND a power strip for extra outlets.  Now, though, I found a combination unit that also acts as a surge protector! Now, I travel with the Bestek Universal Travel Adapter.

The Bestek Universal Travel Adapter:

  • Charges seven Devices simultaneously
  • Supports outlets in over 150 countries
  • Converts your device to that country’s voltage.

This is a must-have travel accessory. It costs $36.99 and will save your hair dryer from getting fried.

Roost Travel Stand

When I am on the road, I never know what my workspace is going to look like. Working from my laptop often finds me looking down and I’m constantly correcting my posture. When I had a home office, I had a large monitor and a laptop stand to help me look up. But those were not necessarily travel-friendly items.

I thought I was doomed to have poor posture and a neck ache for the next few years. Then I found the Roost Travel Stand. It adjusts the height of your laptop from 6 – 12 inches. It is strong enough to securely hold any laptop. But what makes it even more attractive is how compact and light it is.

And there you have it – my must-have travel office items. Each in their own way makes my work and travel life a little easier.


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