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A life filled with travel has long been a dream. Not that I haven’t had a life full of travel and adventures, because I have. It just seems the more I travel, the more I want to travel. So, I had to find a way to work and travel at the same time.

At times traveling was an escape. I joined Pan Am after my sister was killed to help numb the pain. And then I lived in Thailand after my brother was murdered – again it was somewhat of an escape, but also was very instrumental in my healing process.

Way and I often talked about our plans for the years after the boys left the nest. I guess we just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. And … here we are.

We started our work and travel life, earlier this year. It wasn’t nearly as easy as I thought. There was definitely a settling in period while we tried to manage working and adventuring. Let’s face it, I really just want to adventure, but adult children are still expensive.

We learned several lessons in our “trial” work and travel period, but mostly we learned that our family and friends enjoyed coming along for the ride. We just needed to do a better job of documenting the process. Way is really good at uploading a bunch of photos in Albums on Facebook. And I like to think I am getting better on Instagram.

The question was what else could we do to bring people along with us? Podcast? Video? More blogs? So we asked.  Overwhelming, the vote came back in favor of short video – short around the three-minute mark.

So after two months in Italy, home in the US for a month, and then Mexico, we decided to commit to the work-travel life for the foreseeable future and to video the adventure in short spurts.

And that is how the #60×60 journey began.

60 countries by the time I turn 60. That gives us six years.

And since we know we wanted to go back to Mexico and Italy, we aren’t counting them as part of the 60. Instead, we are starting on a grand scale with two months in China.

Some people would call us digital nomads. And that is a true description. But I think of digital nomads as cool, young hipsters that look good in week-old clothing and rolling out of a hostel. That is definitely not us.

We’re older and definitely need clean clothes. I need good lighting to apply the makeup that hides the age spots. Way, of course, hasn’t aged a day since we got married almost 25 years ago – it’s really not fair. We both are a little more particular about where we rest our heads at night and we are willing to pay a little extra for convenience and comfort.

We can manage to get around on our own, but sometimes we just want someone to take us by the hand and make it easy.

If you are looking to follow budget travelers, we are probably not it.  Although, we are always looking for a good deal. If you want bikini-clad pictures on tropical islands, we are definitely not it. Although, the island part we have down pat.

We are just two middle-aged travelers (or as Way likes to remind me, well-seasoned) wanting to learn about new cultures, experience local life and hopefully meet some new friends along the way. Way and I want to experience local culture, not just pop in for a visit to check a country off the list. We hope you’ll join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

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